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picture of galaxies with text reading: 
mind and body are one in the mind of god.
infinite animation is the animation of electrons in atoms, the motion of 
molecules, stars, and galaxies. The infinite consciousness is the consciosness of responsibility.  
Responsibility for everything. Responsibility for the creation and destruction of all life.
the infinite consciousness is the consciousness from which all small - individual - consciousnesses are derived.
Consciousness IS union with the infinite consciousness.
 The infinite consciousness is the consciousness that some call God.

      God is

             a consciousness with an infinite body
             the mind of a murderer
             the wish to destroy life


       god is

              a consciousness with two infinite bodies in one infinite body

                        death consciousness
                        all time and space   matter and energy    knowledge
                        knowledge of the future    
                        the spirit of the male
                        the cosmic consciousness

                        suicide consciousness
                        emotions    morality   appreciation of beauty
                        the will of the female
                        the individual consciousness    


      together they are

                       evil over good
                       evil before good
                       evil controlled by good
                       evil ruled by good
                       evil destroyed by good


                       the will and the spirit
                       the body of god

                       the body of god is the body of death
                       the body of reproduction



      the will of god is technology

                      service to the interests of the body of god
                      the body of reproduction
                      service to personal and group interests
                      the wish for power


      the spirit of god is justice

                     service to the interests of the mind of god

                     the mind of reproduction
                     justice with compassion and warmth

                     the rule of love

                     the wish to serve the interests of all as equals

                     the wish to share


photo of top of eagle nebula
photograph of part of the eagle nebula with text reading:
god is the wish for reunion. Unity in the body of god.
Immortality.  Without life. Without death. 
The wish for return to the body of infinite animation. Unity with the universe